100 Days of Summer

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This summer, my lovely friend Sarah recommended I try the 100 Days Project, during which one would commit to setting aside time for a creative activity everyday for, indeed, 100 days. Daunting, isn’t it?

Growing up, I was all about arts and crafts, drawing and DIY’s. I was one of those artsy kids who was a dreamer and maker at heart. Of course, being “too busy” from school and especially being away at university (where art supplies are about as scarce as free time is) has taken a toll on my creative output. However, this past spring quarter, I’ve dipped my toes back into the pool of drawing and sketching - though initially for my design classes. With a fresh pack of Copic Ciao markers in stow, this summer I feel excited to dive back into that previous world.

Ready or not, here comes 100 days of pen + Copic drawings.