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For an Industrial Design Projects studio class, I took inspiration from an existing product I love and applied its visual brand language to creating a new product. I studied rassen chopsticks by Nendo to design a new tea steeper. Through this project I refined my own design philosophy and designed a product I am passionate about developing further.

Role: solo project

Skills: industrial design, visual brand language, sketching, modeling, prototyping

Concept video

After studying Nendo’s core values, visual signatures, and user experience, I distilled their brand to being minimalist, functional, and whimsical. I created the egg- and waterdrop-shaped tea steeper by starting with a simple yet unexpected perimeter shape, then considering the core functionalities necessary.

I am very happy with how my sketches translated to a 3D model and intend to do more work to refine my design. Through this process, I had to balance Nendo’s design qualities with my own and balance aesthetics with functionality. Going through the design cycle by prototyping provided insight that will drive the next iteration of my design.

By understanding and expanding on a brand I admire and resonate with, I was able to design a new product I feel represents my design philosophy very well. I am excited to continue working on this project.