This summer, I want to make 100

1 minute read

After a busy year exploring new technologies (creating WebVR experiences, modeling voxels, making pixel game art…) I want to spend my flexible summer simply making things. While my previous 100 day drawing challenge left me feeling confined to that single medium, I’m excited to be productive across a wide variety of mediums and technologies, including:

  • web development
  • WebVR
  • pixel art/animations
  • interaction design
  • vector art
  • Arduino
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • voxels
  • drawing/sketching
  • painting
  • zines
  • graphic design
  • bots

Specific applications/software/sources of inspiration:

  • Sketch (especially unconventional uses for it)
  • Principle
  • Photoshop
  • Codepen (forks!)
  • Codrops
  • A-Frame
  • Glitch

On the topic of getting things done this summer…

Bigger projects I’d love to tackle:

  • Hazumi (my music tech startup combining software and hardware to connect people)
  • eggdrop (an egg/raindrop-shaped tea steeper inspired by the visual brand language of Nendo)
  • Patisserie Palette (a mystery puzzle adventure game I worked on this past year)

Tutorials/educational sites I’d like to continue exploring:

  • What the Flexbox?
  • JavaScript 30
  • Hack this Site
  • Exercism
  • Design Your Life
  • more terminal stuff
  • industrial design sketching

Now that summer is in full swing and my routines are gradually solidifying, I’m excited to be my most productive self this summer! Hope you enjoy joining me as I attempt to #make100