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For Chicago’s first student-run women’s hackathon, I crafted an effective brand by creating a logo, style guide, website design, and other visual assets. While I had done smaller branding projects for hackathons or class projects, this was my first large-scale project. I overcame creative differences with my partner through empathy and iteration.

Role: Branding Design - Digital Lead

Skills: branding design, graphic design, web design, Sketch


For BuildHer, I crafted a meaningful visual brand alongside a partner specializing in print. The final product was an Artemis and galaxy theme, as seen in the moon and arrow in the power logo. The light, versatile logo was used on a variety of jewel tone backgrounds. The subtle galaxy was continued with ASCII constellations and floating stars on the website.

To maintain the integrity of my own creative vision and balance it with my partner’s, we distilled and compared our visions, considered our audience, and constantly iterated. We reconciled our different concepts and created an integrated brand that propelled BuildHer’s overall message.

Creating a brand from scratch for a major event is a daunting yet satisfying task. We were able to balance BuildHer’s vision with aesthetics, and then incorporate these elements consistently when planning the hackathon.