First Zine

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Recently (through Bubblesort zines and listening to podcasts) I discovered zines - a fun and snappy medium for sharing your own content – essentially mini magazines. I love the pocket-friendly size and creative liberty you have with zines, and they are historically associated with experimental subcultures. The organic, hands-on process of making your own limited batch of publications is very gratifying.

One weekend partway through fall quarter, I wanted to just take a break (especially having just returned from Grace Hopper), so I took a stab at making graphics with Sketch (don’t judge me) to digitally make a zine, in hopes of making physical copies using this tutorial.

I was a bit at a draw for topics, so I stuck with something close to heart: habits I am currently forming. I worked primarily with my beloved pastel rainbow color scheme and incorporated a lot of gradients and clean, simple geometric shapes. Numbering the pages helped with folding it all together in the end, as well as created a distinct ranking for these habits.