Update: My Site

1 minute read

Here's a fun (read: colorful) update: I finally have the home page of my personal site up! I came up with the overall concept during this past school year (spring quarter of sophomore year, to be exact) and eventually got around to creating it over the last month or so. Once I was pretty satisfied with how the page looks, I bought a domain (that's a first), set up the repo, and put it all together. After lots of tweaking and experimenting, I'm really happy with the results so far! I wanted something that could really capture who I am and is aesthetically pleasing. Some of the effects (thanks to hover.css) that I like the most were actually completely on accident, for instance the faint white highlighting when you hover over the body text.

Up next, I'd like to add some graphics with cool entrance animations or even parallax-like effects when you hover on the 5 W's headers, and then flesh out the pages for the 5 W's. WHO will probably have some more details about me, including a picture of myself, WHAT will mostly likely highlight my favorite projects, some codepens in the future, as well as my resume, WHEN will probably have a timeline of sorts, WHERE a map, and WHY might have some of my inspos and a link to this blog.

You can find my little corner of the internet at ljhan.com.